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      導讀: 冀教英語七下Unit5單元基礎練習(二)一、用所給詞的適當形式填空1 It's________(am

      一、用所給詞的適當形式填空 1. It's________(amaze) to hear the trees laugh. 2. Can you tell me the way to the zoo________(exact)? 3. I had breakfast________(quick) and went to school. 4. He________(dig) a hole and put the tree in it. 5. How many________(letter) do you know in English? 二、單項選擇 1. Class, let's see who can spell the most words ________ these letters. A. at B. into C. on D. with 2. —What's this ________ English? —It's a map. A. on B. in C. to D. for 3. —Can you follow me? —Yes. I can ________ understand what you mean. A. exact B. easy C. never D. exactly 4. I don't agree with you. ________, I think you're wrong. A. In fact B. Excuse me C. For example D. Because of 5. My clothes are ________my brother's. A. same B. same as C. the same as D. look like 6. These cars are ________. They run ________. A. quicker; quick B. quickly; quickly C. quick; quickly D. quickly; quick 7. I think it is the best way for us to use a dictionary ________ English. A. learning B. to learn C. learned D. learns 8. —Have you seen my cat? —Oh, I saw it__________the chair and run away just now. A. jump down B. jump over C. sit on D. sit in 9. Look! This is our class photo. There ________ 45 students in my class. A. has B. have C. is D. are 10. ________ the blackboard, and you can ________ some numbers on it. A. Look at; see B. Look at; look at C. See; look at D. See; see 11. We are active to answer our teacher's question in________class. A. a B. an C. the D. / 12. It was silly________me to lose my concert ticket. A. from B. for C. with D. of 13. I like this piece of music because I can sing________it. A. along and B. along with C. with D. along 14. No one can be right all the time. When people make mistakes, we shouldn't ________ them. A. wait for B. send for C. knock at D. laugh at 15. My teacher asked me ________ the room. A. clean B. cleans C. to clean D.cleaning 16. We had a good time at Kangkang's birthday party yesterday. A. have fun B. enjoy ourselves C. enjoyed ourselves D. had a fun 17. Let me ________your phone number and I'll call you when I'm free. A. cut down B. turn down  C. look down D. write down 18. —What's the meaning of “secretary”? —Let me________the word in the dictionary. A. look at B. look for C. look after D. look up 19. Don't be afraid to__________when you learn a new language. A. make mistakes B. make a noise C. make faces D. make money 20. I ________ the program Keep Running with my cousin this evening. A. will watch B. am watching  C. watch D. watched 三、按要求完成句子 1. Lily had a good time in the park last Sunday. (改為同義句) Lily ________ ________ in the park last Sunday. 2. He is doing nothing right now. (改為同義句) He is doing nothing ________ ________ ________. 3. You shouldn't be late for class. (改為祈使句) ________ ________ late for class. 4. She learned English by watching TV shows and movies. (對畫線部分提問) ________ ________ she ________ English? 5. I can ask him to call you later. (改為一般疑問句) 四、連詞成句 1. be, a, sentence, one, word, can _______________________________________________________. 2. to, you, need, me, don't, call _______________________________________________________. 3. many, read, you, how, can, words _______________________________________________________? 4. easy, English, language, is, an, learn, to _______________________________________________________. 5. hope, out, facts, dig, they, to, important _______________________________________________________. 6. a, friends, me, lot, my, help _______________________________________________________. 7. listening, music, I, to, love _______________________________________________________. 8. to, storybooks, it's, read, fun _______________________________________________________. 9. three, he, ago, home, days, came _______________________________________________________. 10. my, speaking, friends, practice, English, I, with _______________________________________________________. 五、任務型閱讀 English words like other languages change all the time. People need new words for new ideas and inventions. Different words come into use and older words are used in a new way. Here are some ways to change. English words can change by borrowing words from other languages. The word “tomato” was from Mexico, and “tea” came from China. Now new words are made by joining two words together. “Weekend” and “cookbook” are examples. A latest one “brunch” comes from breakfast and lunch. Do you have brunch every day? Sometimes new words are shorter forms (形式) of the longer words. For example, the word “photo” was from “photograph” by cutting off the end of the longer words. “Plane” and “phone” were made by cutting off the front part of “airplane” and “telephone”. The names of people and products(產品)can also become new words. Our food “sandwich” was from a man called Sandwich. Can you find any other examples for each of these ways to make new words? 1~2題完成句子;

      1. Our food “sandwich” was from________________. 2. People need new words___________________________________. 3. From what words does “brunch” come? ________________________________________________________ 4. ________________________________________________________ 5. ________________________________________________________ 答案 一、1. amazing 2. exactly  3. quickly 4. dug 5. letters 二、1. D  2. B 3. D  4. A 5. C  6. C 7. B 8. B 9. D 10. A 11. D 12. D 13. B  14. D 15. C 16. C 17. D 18. D 19. A 20. A 三、1. enjoyed herself 2. at this moment 3. Don't be 4. How did; learn 5. Can; to call 四、1. One word can be a sentence 2. You don't need to call me 3. How many words can you read 4. English is an easy language to learn 5. They hope to dig out important facts 6. My friends help me a lot 7. I love listening to music 8. It's fun to read storybooks 9. He came home three days ago 10. I practice speaking English with my friends 五、1. a man called Sandwich 2. for new ideas and inventions 3. It comes from breakfast and lunch. 4. Here are some ways to change. 5. 對于這些構成新詞的每個方法,你還能找出一些其他的例子嗎?

      推薦訪問:英語 下學期 七年級



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