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      導讀: 上海市閔行區2019-2021年三年中考二模英語試卷精選匯編完形填空專題上海市閔行區2021年中考二

      上海市閔行區2019-2021年三年中考二模英語試卷精選匯編 完形填空專題 上海市閔行區2021年中考二模語英語試題 B. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage (選擇最恰當的單詞或詞語完成 短文)(12分) Many people think of sharks as dangerous monsters. But human beings pose a far greater danger to these creatures than they do to us. Although shark attacks do occur, they are quite ___65___. On the other hand, according to one research, humans kill 100 million sharks every year. This number is a warning that many kinds of sharks may die out. u ___66___ should we save the sharks? The killing of sharks is a problem for the whole planet. Sharks eat other species (物種), but few creatures eat them. As sharks die off, the populations of the animals that sharks eat will ___67___. This, in tum, means that the populations of the creatures that those animals eat will shrink. That includes some sea creatures that humans consume, such as shrimp. It also includes fish that eat algae (藻類), which can cause algae to spread so much that it damages coral reefs. Shrinking shark populations affects more than just the ocean. Ocean plants produce much of the oxygen on the planet. These plants can be harmed when changes in the shark population upset the ecosystem u Don't use shark products Shark liver oil is used in many popular cosmetics (化妝品). Pet foods, vitamins, energy drinks and leather goods can ___68___ be made from shark parts. And shark meat is sold around the world, sometimes under misleading names such as rock salmon or whitefish. Most sharks killed worldwide are hunted for their fins, which are used to make shark fin soup. The ___69___ is cruel: Fishermen cut the shark's fins off and then throw the shark back into the water. Then the shark dies slowly, sometimes over several days. Sharks breathe by swimming, so a shark that can't swim will die u Eat only sustainably (可持續地) caught seafood Sharks often die because they are caught in nets. If you eat seafood, make sure it comes from fish farms that ___70___ the oceans. 65. A) rare B) strange C) natural D) general 66. A) How B) When C) Why D) Where 67. A) match B) depend C) limit D) increase 68. A) even B) also C) ever D) always 69. A) process B) situation C) progress D) attitude 70. A) cut down B) care for C) keep off D) consist of B) 65 A 66 C 67 D 68 B 69 A 70 C 上海市閔行區2020年中考二模語英語試題 B.Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage(選擇最恰當的單詞或詞語完成短文)
      The Digital Black Hole Libraries around the world still hold copies of books printed hundreds of years ago. Will e-books still be read by us in hundreds of years’ time? Librarians are 75 the fact that digital information and digital books are disappearing. Technology is always changing, and even now, we cannot get information typed in programs we used ten or fifteen years ago. Is digital data in danger of disappearing into a digital black hole? Amazingly, we still have copies of the first collection of William Shakespeare’s 36 plays(威廉·莎士比亞的36 部戲劇), The First Folio. That’s not bad for a book that’s nearly 500 years old. The Folio was 76 in 1623. Around 800 copies were printed and 234 known copies still survive today. Books are easy to store and we don’t use any special equipment to read them. But what about the documents(文件)kept on your computer now? Will people be able to read them in 800,500 or even 10 years’ time? Documents we stored on discs( 磁盤)
      ten or twenty years ago can’t be 77__ on our 21st century laptops. What about all your digital photograph? Every second, thousands of them are uploaded to social media. What will happen to them? Will they be lost in a few years’ time? Music is in danger of being lost, too, we have to think of new ways to store it. We must copy this music or find the best way of storing it for future generations. When a website closes down, all the information on it is deleted. It’s gone 78 __. It was disappeared into the ‘digital black hole’ Organizations have understood this problem. In 2004, the British Library started to keep important websites for future generations, just like paper-based literature. In the event of a digital black hole, it could all disappear. The only 79 is to print it all out and keep physical copies. With all the amazing new digital technology available to us today, we still have to rely on the centuries-old technology of printing. For now, printed copies are still the 80 way to store information. 75. A. surprised at B. satisfied with C. responsible for D. worried about 76. A. translated B. published C. improved D. destroyed 77. A. wasted B. expected C. opened D. ignored 78. A. forever B. instead C. nowadays D. again 79. A. contact B. solution C. difficulty D. decision 80. A. cheapest B. newest C. quickest D. safest 75-80 DBCABD 上海市閔行區2019年中考二模語英語試題 38.Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage(選擇最恰當的詞或詞語完成短文) ??? Hello, everyone, welcome to our Chitchat. In last week's Chitchat, we asked our readers if they could re-select their major--the main subject of study in college, which one they would pick. Here are some of their ideas. ??? If I got do-over(重來), I will make a change ??? @Jim Zhang ??? If I got do-over I would choose 1 . I'm really fond of teaching kids. Honestly, I had no idea about what I wanted to do or what I really liked even after graduation. Three years later, I realized that it was a great loss of time to think too much about what I should do, because what I really need is doing it with all heart and keeping on. Unfortunately, I was too young to realize that at that time. ??? If I got do-over, I will 2 . ??? @Agatha ??? I can get do-over, I would choose my original major. For me, majoring in mathematics was 3 . Proving mathematical theories in words was crazy. However, it is mathematics that makes me have strong logical thinking. The biggest pity about my major is that I didn't try as hard as I should. In a word, I don't regret choosing mathematics as my major but I regret not learning it better and further. ??? Do-over is not in my list ??? @tina ??? 4 , I don't regret my choice. As an English teacher, sometimes it's hard to improve students' English level. But when I see great progress that students have made, I feel really content. Anyway, every field needs 5 . For students, being good at English is not the only way to success. I' m really pleased with their progress, even not in English learning. Then why should I choose my major again? ??? @5EEF ??? I majored in geography science which needs outgoing study and research in the original environment where haven't been explored at all. Excitement, danger, coldness, hotness as well as uncertainty, always surround us, however it's also unforgettable and we met the things others would 6 do. 1. A. advertisement B. economy C. education D. medicine 2. A. work harder B. speak louder C. wait longer D. think deeper 3. A. amusing B. different C. necessary D. difficult 4. A. What's more B. After all C. In fact D. By the way 5. A. conclusions B. talents C. advantages D. resources 6. A. never B. also C. always D. recently 38.【答案】 (1)C;

      【考點】社會現象類,說明文 【解析】【分析】本文主要關于大學生如果可以重新選擇專業,他們會選擇哪一個。四個大學生給出了他們的一些想法。吉姆張會選擇教育。阿加莎會選擇原來的專業,不過她會更加努力。蒂娜還會選擇當一名英語教師。5EEF主修地理科學,他認為地理科學是令人難忘的,遇到了別人永遠不會遇到的事情。

      (1)句意:如果我重新開始,我會選擇教育。考查名詞辨析。A. advertisement廣告;
      B. economy經濟;
      C. education教育;
      D. medicine醫學。根據下文“I'm really fond of teaching kids.(我真的很喜歡教孩子們),可知是教育,故選選C。

      (2)句意:如果我重新開始,我會更加努力。考查動詞短語。A. work harder更努力地工作;
      B. speak louder更大聲地說;
      C. wait longer等得更長;
      D. think deeper想得更深。根據下文(第三段)第4和5句“The biggest pity about my major is that I didn't try as hard as I should. In a word, I don't regret choosing mathematics as my major but I regret not learning it better and further.(我的專業最大的遺憾是我沒有盡我所能努力。總之,我并不后悔選擇數學作為我的專業,但我后悔沒有學得越來越好。)”可知阿加莎如果回到以前,她會更加努力地學習。故選A。

      (3)句意:對我來說,主修數學很難。考查形容詞辨析。A. amusing有樂趣的;
      B. different不同的;
      C. necessary必需的,必要的;
      D. difficult困難的。根據下文Proving mathematical theories in words was crazy.(證明數學理論是瘋狂的。)可知“主修數學很難。”故選D。

      (4)句意:實際上,我并不后悔我的選擇。考查副詞短語。A. What's more更重要的是,還有;
      B. After all畢竟;
      C. In fact事實上,其實;
      D. By the way順便說一下。根據下文I don' t regret my choice可知“實際上”她不后悔自己當初做出的選擇。故填In fact。故選C。

      (5)句意:不管怎樣,每個領域都需要學生的才能,精通英語并不是取得成功的唯一途徑。考查名詞辨析。A. conclusions結論;
      B. talents才能,才藝,天賦;
      C. advantages有利條件,優勢;
      D. resources資源,財力。根據 being good at English is not the only way to succes 可知此處指需要才藝,故選B。

      (6)句意:興奮、危險、寒冷、炎熱以及不確定事情,總是圍繞著我們,然而它也是令人難忘的,我們見到了別人永遠不會見到的東西。考查副詞辨析。A. never從不,絕不,永遠不;
      B. also也;
      C. always總是,一直;
      D. recently最近。根據上文I majored in geography science which needs outgoing study and research in the original environment where haven't been explored at all.(我主修地理科學,需要在根本沒有探索過的原始環境中進行野外的學習和研究。)可知“我們見到了別人永遠不會見到的東西。”,故選A。


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