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      導讀: 個人簡歷英語翻譯一:Name: Mr Gender: MaleNationality: HanAg


      Name: Mr.

      Gender: Male

      Nationality: Han

      Age: 25

      Current location: Jiangxi - Ganzhou

      Height: 165cm

      Job search intention

      Hope: Jiangxi

      Hope position: mechanical (Electrical) \ / Instrument - Mechanical Draftsman

      Direction: through the practice operation and exercise to improve their professional ability, practical ability of design drawing ability and deal with all kinds of problems for further improvement, and strive to become not only have solid professional ability and comprehensive design talents with rich experience in actual combat, is able to support the leadership of the company and colleagues help create practical for the company economic benefits, at the same time in the occupation road continues to grow and progress.

      Self assessment:

      Fervent, sincere; serious and responsible for work, initiative, can bear hardships and stand hard work, has a strong ability to adapt; strong sense of discipline, work actively; the will is strong, strong dedication spirit.

      Education experience

      Bachelor of mechanical Jiangxi University 2020-09 --2020.6

      * * company (2020-02 ~ 2020.4)

      Company nature: private enterprise category: other production, manufacturing, processing

      Position: process technician job categories: Process Engineer

      Job description: compilation process and process according to the design, drawing drawings, including raw materials required for the calculation and purchase, processing cost calculation, various types of processing time distribution, the customer quotation and solve production problems encountered in the process.

      By engaging in milling machine operator and technical staff, to the entire product processing technology, materials, heat treatment, process, cost to have a better understanding. To participate in the CAD skills training and obtained CAD certificate, also spare time to learn SolidWorks and CAXA drawing software.


      Basic information of personal photos


      gender: Female

      The people of Han Nationality: date of birth: April 4, 1990

      ID number: ****************** marital status: single

      Height: 163cm weight: 48kg

      Household registration: Jiangxi Ganzhou current location: Jiangxi Ganzhou

      Graduate School: Ganzhou technician college degree: College

      Title of the major: computer graphic design graduation year: 2020

      Work experience: one year post: other

      Job search intention

      Position type: Full-time

      Job category: computer hardware

      Job title: computer hardware

      Area: Jiangxi Ganzhou;

      Salary: 2800 yuan / month negotiable; do not need to provide housing

      Availability: can at any time to post

      Technical expertise

      Language ability: English - Mandarin general;

      Education and training

      Education experience: time school education

      Training experience: time training certificate

      Work experience

      Other information

      Self assessment: college three years, my various aspects ability have been developed, can say, after three years of study, I have the ability to adapt to social work.

      Study: I work hard, diligently, strive for a school the good time to learn. School days, not only that I learned a lot of knowledge, I also understand the learning method. Is the use of this method, in addition to school courses, so far, I have mastered the basic knowledge of the professional knowledge and the basis of design. In addition, the computer love let me have some understanding of the computer, the CAD, Photoshop, CorelDRAW etc. can skilled application software.

      At work: I participated in the student union and served as the chairman of student union, is mainly responsible for the student work and practice experience make me to consolidate existing knowledge at the same time, the more aroused my strong learning desire, let me continue to forge ahead, constantly improve.

      In the thought: I progress requirements, has been ready to help people any, organization and implementation work has since entered the school responsible for the celebration of twenty anniversary, new years day new year schools.. Participated in the youth volunteer activities. Respect teachers, unite classmates, to create a good environment for their own learning and life.

      In daily life: Im a frugal life, has a wide range of interests and hobbies. Future work is to my knowledge examination, but also to my life challenge. I will work constantly improve themselves, improve themselves, to adapt to the needs of work.

      Direction: to better play to their strengths, to do more for the company, a force for social


      Name: Ms.

      gender: Female

      Marital status: Nationality: Han

      Age: 25 height: 155cm

      Job search intention

      Current location: Guangdong - Dongguan

      Hope: Guangdong - Dongguan

      Hope position: health care class

      Find jobs: Plant Medicine

      Education experience

      2020-09 ~ 2020-07 Guangxi Medical University Nursing College

      * * company (2020-02 ~)

      Company: foreign capital enterprise category: other production, manufacturing, processing

      Position: the medical post category: the doctor / physician

      Job description: 1 independent diagnosis, common disease treatment and medicine, and accurate accounting staff of hospital medical expenses;

      2 timely processing of accident and emergency patients, referral heavy patient and timely follow-up of the disease;

      3 deal with the case, social security staff injury claims;

      Make 4 complete clinic drug stocktaking, requisitions and drug report;

      5 responsible for the clinic 6S and environmental management, active prevention in various infectious diseases;

      6 responsible for new employee check-up work

      Technical expertise

      Professional Title: nurse qualification

      Computer level: National Computer Rank Examination Grade

      Computer skills: computer, skilled use of Excel, Word, Powerpoint, office office software

      Skills: 1 system master pathology, etiology and diagnosis of a variety of common diseases, can correctly handle the diagnosis, treatment and nursing care of common diseases;

      2 skilled in dealing with medicine, injection, infusion, dressing and emergency;

      Correctly handle the process of 3 familiar with industrial injury;

      4 computer, skilled use of Excel, Word, Powerpoint, office office software;

      Language ability

      Mandarin: General Cantonese: General

      推薦訪問:個人簡歷 英語翻譯

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