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      導讀: 英文簡歷范文:IT人員個人簡歷(三)Anton Vega733, Abraham Drive,Sa


      Anton Vega

      733, Abraham Drive,

      Sanford, MA, 34672

      (697) 472-5730



      To work in the well known company as a computer operator and there by monitor and control numerous computer systems, equipments, peripherals and networks efficiently.


      Bachelor of Computer Programming, XYZ Institute,1999

      Professional Certifications:

      Certificate in Tally, Sams Institute, 2020


      Expertise in installation of various software and operating systems namely UNIX, Windows.

      Expertise in the usage of oracle database and MS office tools namely word, Power point, MS- Excel, Ms-Access

      Knowledge and certification in Tally

      Expert in using search engine tools and Internet.


      XYZ Company, Sep 2020 - Present

      Employer Job-content

      Compose type correspondence.

      Maintain record of incoming outgoing correspondence.

      Make reports, receive, take dictation, check files, records, all the correspondence.

      Submission of various statements related to reporting and monitoring after compilation of data on MS office.

      All accounting work.

      ABC Software Pvt. Ltd., Aug 2020 - Dec 2020

      Computer Operator/Office assistant

      Receive visitors, place calls and answers telephone enquiries.

      Maintains records, files other references materials and perform related clerical duties.

      Search files, documents and maintain library for information.

      Drafting of letters Noting for approval of proposal.

      Report preparation

      Some sort of Data Entry related work.

      All Company work in Word, Outlook Express, Excel, Photoshop, Scanning and Internet.


      Available on request.

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