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      導讀: 冀教版八年級下教學設計課題Lesson36單元Unit6學科英語年級八年級學習目標Understan

      冀教版八年級下教學設計 課題 Lesson 36 單元 Unit 6 學科 英語 年級 八年級 學習 目標 Understand and use the new words: rope,sit-up,push-up,race,result,none,twentieth, one by one , fall off, keep on doing sth., keep sb. from doing sth, 2. Understand the meaning of text; 3. Consolidate comparative and superlative of adjectives and adverbs; 4. Learn to introduce Classroom Olympics; 5. Encourage students to do sports very often. 重點 Practice the usage about comparative and superlative of adjectives and adverbs . 難點 Retell the thing that happened. 教學過程 教學環節 教師活動 學生活動 設計意圖 導入新課 Step 1:
      Greeting. Greet the class. Good morning/afternoon, Class. Step 2:Lead in 1. The man likes playing sports . As a result , He is strong and healthy. Let’s find out what he does in his daily life. jump rope Long jump sit-ups push-ups Greeting. Think and answer. 使用親切、貼近生活的問候語言拉近師生關系,帶學生自然進入英語氛圍, 自然引入本課話題。用圖片幫助學生學習,直觀、感性、形象。

      講授新課 Step 3:Presentation 2. Do you know what event it is? Boulter was the fastest in the race. He won the first place in the race. None of other runners could catch him in the 100-meter race. Step 4: Exercise Fill in the blanks with the words. none result rope race twentieth event 1. The coffee industry developed very fast in the _____________ century. 2. The accident was a _______of bad driving. 3.Tom won first place in the 100-meter ________. 4. A _____ is a very thick strong string. 5. He went to many bookstores, but _____ of them had the book he wanted. 6. An _______ is a race or a competition. Step 5: Listening task Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks. 1. Our class had ______ different events. 2. Sandra won first place in the _____________ event. 3. Li Ming’s favourite event was “Jump _____ the Dinosaur.” 4. Li Ming was only two seconds ________than Danny. 5. Brain ______________,but he kept falling off the pizzas. Step 6: Reading task Read the lesson and finish the tasks. 1. How many events did Jenny’s classmates invent for the classroom Olympics? What are they? 2. What did Jenny think of the events? 3. What things did they need for Danny’s event? 4. Who was the champion of the “Jump over the Dianosaur” event ? 5. How did Brian feel ? Why? Step 7:Language Points 1.None of us could catch him! But I was close.沒有人能追上他!但是我很接近了。

      none [n?n] pron. “一個也沒有,毫無”。表示全部否定,并且是三者或三者以上的否定。常用結構為:none of +可數名詞復數/不可數名詞,意為“沒有一個……” 既可以用來表示人,也可以用來表示物。

      none of +可數名詞復數作主語時,謂語動詞既可以用單數,也可以用復數。

      none of +不可數名詞, 謂語動詞只能用單數。none與數量有關,常用來回答how many引導的特殊疑問句。

      eg.None of us have/ has been to Bejing. 【拓展】no one 只能指人,且泛指“沒有人”,no one 只表單數可數概念,常用來回答who引導的特殊疑問句。no one作主語時, 謂語動詞用第三人稱單數形式。

      eg.No one has been there before.沒有人去過那里。

      2. He did his best, but he kept falling off the pizzas!他盡了最大努力,但還是不斷地從披薩上掉下來。

      1)keep (on) doing 繼續做某事;
      重復做某事 He kept crying.他一直在哭。

      2)keep sb. from doing sth.意思是“阻止某人做某事”,其中的from不能省略。

      The bells kept me from sleeping. 鐘聲吵得我睡不著覺。

      3)fall off 摔下來,減少;
      衰退 =drop/fall down from eg. If you?fall?off?your?horse,?you get?back on.?? 你從馬上摔下來,你再騎上去就可以了。

      Step 8:Pair Work Example:
      Look at the table and make sentences following the examples. Lisa jumped farther than Jenny in the long jump. Danny was the fastest in the “Jump over the Dinosaur” event. Step 9:Group Work Work in groups of four to design an event. What will you need?What will the rules be? Talk about it with your group members. Step 10: Summary rope,sit-up,push-up,race,result,none,twentieth, one by one , fall off, keep on doing sth., keep sb. from doing sth, Step 11:Homework 1. Copy the words, phrases and sentences on the exercise book. 2. Finish workbook. 3. Review this lesson and preview next lesson. Read,think and learn. Learn the new words and phrases. Read the text and answer the questions. Use the new words and phrases. Students discuss. Discuss and design an event. 通過圖片學習本課的新詞以及新詞的使用。








      板書 Unit 6 Be a Champion Lesson 36 Classroom Olympics rope,sit-up,push-up,race,result,none,twentieth, one by one , fall off, keep on doing sth., keep sb. from doing sth,

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