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      導讀: 冀教英語七下Unit5單元基礎練習(一)一、用所給單詞的適當形式填空1 Ifyouwanttobec

      一、用所給單詞的適當形式填空 1. If you want to become a good marathon athlete(運動員), you must practice________ (run) every day. 2. Jenny is from________ (Canada). She is Li Ming's ________ (Canada) friend. 3. I am happy ________ (go) for a picnic with you. 4. A lot of ________ (foreign) came to visit our school last week. 5. —Mary, listen! Some people are talking in a ________(loud) voice outside. —Sorry, I can't hear you very well. Could you speak ________ (loud)? 6. ________ (talk) on WeChat is easy and fun. 7. Will you take part in the swimming ________(compete) next week? 8. Which team do you think will be the ________(win)? 9. I called you last night, but nobody ________(reply). 10. I am always the________ (one) to arrive at school. 二、單項選擇 1. I had________ long talk with my parents.
                  A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 2. —Look at this model ship. I made it all by ________ last week. —Wow, you are so smart! A. me B. my C. mine D. myself 3. Mr. Smith always goes for a walk with his dog when he is________. A. busy B. free C. health D. alone 4. Would you please speak slowly? I can't________ you. A. talk with B. enjoy C. follow D. hear of 5. I can't ________French. Please ________ it in Chinese. A. say; tell B. say; talk C. tell; tell D. speak; say 6. —Would you like to go boating with us? —________, but I should finish my homework first. A. Yes, please B. I'd love to C. Of course not D. Quite well 7. ________me carefully, boys and girls. Can you______me? A. Listen to; hear from B. Hear; listen to C. Hear; hear D. Listen to; hear 8. —________do you study for a test? —I study by working with my classmates. A. How B. Why C. What D. Where 9. —Hello! May I speak to Helen? —________. A. I'm Helen B. She is Helen C. This is Helen speaking D. My name is Helen 10. —________I try on those shoes in the window? —________. They are just on show. A. Could; Yes, you can B. Can; Sorry, you couldn't C. Could; Sorry, you can't D. Can; Yes, you could 11. Jenny's uncle is a scientist. She is proud ________him. A. from B. at C. in D. of 12. You can learn English by________. A. you B. yourself C. me D. myself 13. My father often brings me________, so I'm always happy when he comes back. A. good news B. many good news C. a good news D. a lot good news 14. ________your program, we got to know each other and became close friends. A. As for B. After all C. Thanks to D. In fact 15. It's________ interesting story. I like to read it very much. A. so an B. such an C. a so D. a such 16. She couldn't wait________ her mother the good result. A. tell B. told C. telling D. to tell 17. 別人考試取得了好名次,你可以說:“________”。

      A. Not at all. B. You're welcome. C. That's OK. D. Good for you! 18. ________ in the sun is bad for your eyes. A. Read B. Reading  C. Reads D. Have read 19. He didn't reply to the question when the teacher asked him. A. understand B. give  C. answer D. remember 20. —________do you visit your grandparents? —Twice a week. A. How long B. How soon C. How much D. How often 三、按要求改寫句子 1. Bob often calls his mother. (改為同義句) Bob often________ ________ ________to his mother. 2. I practice English by talking with my classmates. (對畫線部分提問) ________ ________you practice English? 3. Betty also likes listening to music. (改為否定句) Betty________ ________ listening to music, ________. 4. I can do it myself. (改為一般疑問句) ________you do it ________? 5. Lucy has some foreign friends. (改為一般疑問句) ________Lucy________ ________foreign friends? 6. He will stay in America for two weeks. (對畫線部分提問) ________ ________ will he stay in America? 7. Jenny will take a holiday to England next week. (用two weeks ago 改寫句子) Jenny________ a holiday to England two weeks ago. 8. She is such a nice girl that everyone likes her. (改為同義句) She is ________ ________ ________ ________ that everyone likes her. 9. Because of Sandy, I got the well-paid job. (改為同義句) ________ ________Sandy, I got the well-paid job. 10. Tom didn't answer my question. (改為同義句) Tom didn't ________ ________ my question. 四、根據短文內容或所給提示,補全文中單詞 Mrs. Brown is a ________1(Canada) teacher in a middle school. She t________2 English. She often helps her students ______3 their study. Also, some ______4(foreigner)children can talk with her ________5(practice) English online. Li Yan, a girl from China learns much ________6 Mrs. Brown. She is ________7(excite) these days because she won first p________8 in the English competition last week. She ________9(real)improved a lot. When Mrs. Brown knew this, she was ________10(pride) of her. She believes Li Yan can do better. 答案 一、1. running 2. Canada; Canadian 3. to go 4.foreigners 5. loud;
      more loudly 6. Talking/To talk 7. competition 8. winner 9. replied 10. first 二、1. A 2. D 3. B 4. C 5. D 6. B 7. D 8. A 9. C 10. C 11. D 12. B 13. A  14. C 15. B 16. D 17. D 18. B 19. C 20. D 三、1. makes a call 2. How do 3. doesn't like; either 4. Can; yourself  5. Does; have any 6. How long 7. took 8. so nice a girl  9. Thanks to 10. reply to 四、1. Canadian 2. teaches 3. with 4. foreign 5. to practice  6. from 7. excited 8. place/prize 9. really 10. proud

      推薦訪問:英語 下學期 七年級



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