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      導讀: 2018年7月1378國開電大本科管理英語3期末考試試題及答案一、交際用語(每小題2分,共10分)1

      2018年7月1378國開電大本科管理英語3期末考試試題及答案 一、交際用語(每小題2分,共10分) 1-5題:選擇正確的語句完成下面對話,并將答案序號寫在答題紙上。

      1. ―Could I help you with the heavy box? You look so tired. ―_________I can manage i t. A. No, thanks. B. Yes, please. C. All right. [答案]A 2. ―How is everything going? ―_________, we've been quite busy this month and there' s been quite a lot of progress since the last inspection. A.You can just look B. As you can see C. Please just look around [答案]B 3. ―Jack won't like the film , you know. ―_________I don't care what Jack thinks! A. So why? B. So what? C. So how? [答案]B 4. ―How did you miss your train? ―___________________ A. Well, I was caught in the traffic jam. B. What' s your proposal? C. Never mind. [答案]A 5. ―I'm dog tired. 1 can't walk any further, Tommy ―_________, Jenny. You can do it. A. No problem B. Come on C. No hurry [答案]B 二、詞匯與結構(每小題2分,共30分) 6-20題:閱讀下面的句子,從 三個選項中選出一個能填入空白處的正確選項,井將答案序號寫在答題紙上。

      6. A bus driver_________the safety of his passengers. A. is responsible in B. is responsible for C. is responsible to [答案]B 7. This is the man_________last night. A. whom I saw him B. whom I saw C. who I saw him [答案]B 8. Let's discuss these problems at the meeting,_________? A. do we B. shall we C. will you [答案]B 9. If you need further information, please_________our office. A. constant B. construct C. contact [答案]C 10. We have spent all of our spare time,_________,our spare money, on the project. A. as soon as B. as long as C. as well as [答案]C 11. I'm going to have a_________with Mark about this issue tomorrow. A. speech B. Sentence C. word [答案]C 12. I didn't finish my homework. Neither_________. A. did he B. didn't he C. he did [答案]A 13. A number of boys_________absent some time during the term. A. have been B. has been C. will [答案]A 14. I_________to know how often the bus runs during rush hour. A. occur B. Happen C. take place [答案]B 15. I'm used to_________up early now. A. get B. Getting C. to get [答案]B 16. I don't think anyone can accuse him_________not being honest. A. of B. with C. about [答案]A 17. I don't like ice-cream. She doesn't like it,_________. A. either B. neither C. none [答案]A 18. Let's go_________the reports on the latest work. A. over B. With C. to [答案]A 19. _________important it is for kids to imagine freely! A. What B. How C. What an [答案]B 20. The manager urged his staff not to_________the splendid opportunity. A. slide B. miss C. escape [答案]B 三、閱讀理解(每小題4分,共40分) 21-25題:閱讀下列短文,從A、B、C三個選項中選出一個正確答案,并將答案序號寫在答題紙上。

      Passage 1 I'm Michael Bush, Managing Director of Hoogle Engineering. I am pleased to welcome you here to our website and l' d like to tell you a little about the company and its organization. Hoogle Engineering was set up in 1960. It was divided into several departments at that time , such as the sales department , marketing department , and production department. Lots of managers were employed to manage it all. Fortunately things are different now.. Sixty people are employed by Hoogle and communication between departments is considered to be one of the most important aspects of the business. The market is global so we need to make contact with customers worldwide, not just locally. But in the old days we were all in different departments and never spoke to each other. We had a tall structure. Traditionally we had people at the first level on the shop floor, manufacturing products according to the instructions which they were given. Then you had a supervisory level of people who supervised them every day. Then you moved up to the middle management , who were doing the tasks of getting new business, and then you had the senior management team , and then you had the board , who decided the business strategy. So there were a lot of levels in the company in the old days actually. The structure today is that we form teams within teams to place people who can manufacture a product. Each team has members that can manufacture different products. The actual teams now are self-managing, so we don' t even have team leaders. You've got the teams, and then you've got two people, only two people , who are what you think of as management. This is generally called flat structure. 21. Hoogle Engineering was set up in_________. A. the nineteenth century B. the twentieth century C. the twenty first century [答案]B 22. There are many different_________of management in a tall structure. A. kinds B. levels C. functions [答案]B 23. People in a flat structure usually work in_________. A. departments B. families C. teams [答案]C 24. All of the following statements are true according to the passage EXCEPT that_________. A. communication in the company is becoming more and more important B. the author thinks the two structures have the same functions C. there are more individual responsibilities in the flat structure [答案]B 25. The best title for the passage would be “_________”. A. Organization Structure in Hoogle Engineering B. History of Hoogle Engineering C. Success in Hoogle engineering [答案]A 26-30題:閱讀下列短文,從A、B、C三個選項中選出一個正確答案,并將答案序號寫在答題紙上。

      Passage 2 The 2014 Ebola outbreak is the largest in history and the first Ebola outbreak in Test Africa. Although the current epidemic does not cause a significant risk to other nations, many countries, including China and the United States of America , have actually been working closely with the Ebola hit states. For example , the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is taking precautions at home besides its activities abroad. CDC' s team of “virus hunters” is supported by specialized public health teams both in West Africa and at the CDC Atlanta headquarters. Together, they offer continuous support to save lives and protect people. CDC works closely with a number of US government agencies , national and international partners. CDC' s experience of working with Ebola is important to the World Health Organization' s growing West Africa Ebola response. On Sept. 2 , 2014 , CDC Director, Tom Frieden called for more international partners to join this effort. “The sooner the world comes together to help West Africa , the safer we all will be. We know how to stop this outbreak. There is a window of opportunity to do so-the challenge is to scale up the massive response needed to stop this outbreak. ” CDC' s response to Ebola is the largest international outbreak response in CDC' s history with over 100 disease specialists on the ground in West Africa , supported by hundreds of public health emergency response experts stateside, activated at Level 1, its highest level, because of the significance of this outbreak. The CDC supports affected countries to establish Emergency Operations Centers at national and local levels and helps countries track the epidemic including using real-time data to improve real-time response. Efforts in West Africa to identify those infected and track people who have come into contact with them are improving. The CDC is operating and supporting labs in the region to improve diagnosis and testing samples from people with suspected Ebola from around the world. Local health care systems are strengthened through communication, coordination with partners and training on infection control for health care workers and safe patient treatment. 26. How could we describe the 2014 Ebola outbreak? A. The first one in western countries. B. 1t did not ever threaten West Africa. C. Not the first but the largest e. [答案]C 27. The 2014 Ebola outbreak response was_________. A. an American stateside activity B. an international activity C. a regional activity [答案]B 28. What does the underlined word “massive” mean in Paragraph 3? A. Huge. B. Quick. C. Urgent. [答案]A 29. How many disease specialists from CDC have gone to West Africa for the Ebola response? A. Less than 100. B. A hundred. C. 10re than 100. [答案]C 30. What action does CDC take to respond to the large Ebola outbreak? A. Work closely with governmental , national and international partners. B. Call for more partners to join this effort. C. Establish Emergency Operations Centers. [答案]A 四、寫作(共 20 分)
      31. 根據要求寫作文。


      Write a short passage according to the information of the following timetable. Li Ming's Timetable from Monday to Friday (No. 3 Middle School) Time Activity 6 : 30 get up 7 : 00 have breakfast 7 : 30 go to school 8 : 30~12: 05 have 4 classes 12 : 05 have lunch at school 14: 00~15 : 40 have 2 classes 15: 40~16 : 40 play basketball / football 16 : 40 go home 18: 00 have supper 18 : 30~22 : 00 do homework, watch TV, do some reading 22 : 00 go to bed 參考范文:
      This is my timetable. I study at No. 3 Middle School from Monday to Friday. I get up at 6 : 30 a. m. I have breakfast at 7 : 00 and then I go to school. I don't like to be late. Our classes begin at 8 : 30 a. m. We have four classes in the morning. I often have lunch at school with my classmates. In the afternoon, we have two classes. Classes are over at 3 : 40, and I get home at 4 : 00. But sometimes I don't leave school so early because I play basketball in the playground. Then I go home at 5 : 00. I have supper at about 6 : 00. After supper I do my homework. I often watch TV, but sometimes I like to do some reading and the story books are very interesting. I usually go to bed at about 10 : 00 p. m.

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